Nestled in Pinetown’s Paradise Valley, our team provides the much needed plasma derived products to the patients of South Africa as they have done from our facility for more than three decades. NBI has a rich history of serving the needs of patients in our very specialised area of plasma-derived medicinal (PDMP), and diagnostic products.

Our small but growing Biotechnology department specialises in monoclonal antibody development together with the production of near patient test kits and in doing so has gained an impressive reputation. The department supplies customers around the world but continues to focus on disease states pertinent to NBI’s mission.

In 1994, NBI employed 63 people. Today, 249 dedicated individuals come together each day to form the NBI team driven in our purpose of providing plasma derived medicinal products to the patients of South Africa and, where possible, beyond our borders within sub-Saharan Africa.

In the future, we intend to extend our commitment into areas which are largely un-served in terms of PDMP. We will do this in close collaboration and partnerships both nationally and internationally, with like-minded organisations whose vision, mission and values closely match NBI’s own.